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about Papra

  1. Should i have to left my religion for doing Papra ?

    No....... no need to leave your religion to do the Papra. persons can do papra being in their own religion. there is only one condition that you have to remember don't use Papra for that wishes for which you have already asked somewhere.

  2. Is P3Y related with any other religion ?

    P3Y is a method of ancient Sanatan Religion . 

  3. If i will not deposit the said money in 10th sentence then there will be any problem for me?

    P3Y is not to create problem for you rather than P3Y is to solve your problems .In anyway if you could not deposited the said money after fulfillment of your wish it may be your problem returns again on prior situation.

  4. Is there any conditions for doing Papra like other religions ?

    No, Papra is free from all the conditions like :


    • Persons of any religion or any caste can do the Papra to solve their problems.
    • No conditions that you bathed or not and same other conditions that are normally attached with any religion .
    • You can do Papra at any place even at graveyards also.
    • No any conditions of good or bad time you can do it any time as per your need.


  5. Is P3Y can fulfill all my wishes ?

    There is nothing impossibe in P3Y .P3Y can fulfill all your genuine wishes .but you have to see that is the wish you asking for is genuine if it is not then it will  not be fulfilled. and may be you have asked for such a wish for that you are not capable or eligible ,as like you don't have any political background and you ask to be the Prime minister.So in this case first of all make yourself capable by doing Papra and progress gradually and then ask for such wishes. 

  6. Is P3Y is having solution of mental disease also?

    Yes , P3Y can cure all mental disease like Insomenia , Schizophrenia ...........

    as known that in medical science there is no cure of mental disease but by doing Papra you can cure any such type of  disease.

  7. Should i have to make believe in Papra before doing it ?

    No need to make you believe first . First of all try the Papra if your wish fulfilled you will believe automatically. 

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