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The fields in which Papra can be used
  •  Industry , Business,Foreign investments, Foreign tour
  • Service any type(Government or Private)
  • Agriculture,Dairy,Animals,Poultry
  • Family,Marriage, Child,Problems of married life
  • Relationship, Friend, Neighbour, Court, Police, Politician
  • Journey , Religion


  • Papra can cure disease of human , animals , birds , trees , crops
  • Mental Disease : Every type
  • Dipression , Insomenia ,Neurosis , Schizophrenia             
  • If believe in - Tantra, Evil eye,Ghost or any such evil power


  • Earthquake, Flood, Storm , Cyclone, Fire


  • Increasing I.Q., Memory Power , Study capability
  • Good marks in Examinations
  • Success in competitive examinations
  • Engineering , Medical , Scientist
  • IAS, IPS, IFS , IES , ES, Judge

Politics :

  • Politics of all kinds-National or International
  • MLA , MP ,Chief Minister , Prime Minister , President
  • Mayor, Pradhan , Sarpanch

Mind & Soul :

  • Meditation
  • Mental Peace & Satisfaction
  • Salvation (Get rid of cycle of life & Death)


=> these are just a brief discussion of fields in which Papra can be used & it will be helpful.Problems or wishes related with any type of any such field can be solved by using Papra.But there are some conditions that you have to remember before doing Papra.

  • Papra can only be used for genuine wishes.
  • Papra is for those who do their bit but could not succeed.
  • Before doing Papra first try your all resources then try Papra .
  • You do not have to give any money to anyone before fulfillment of your wish so their is no chance of get cheated.You have to pay said amount as per your own, it will be solely your responsibility no one is going to ask you for that.If you want to subscribe for P3Y stuff then you have to pay for that.
  • Do not try Papra or Paramyog by just reading this site, you should  mail at [email protected] so that you can understand the method properly.Papra can be taught telephonically also but for Paramyog it is needed to be present to understand properly.
  • Papra will not fulfill wishes:

             * which can harm yourself

             *which can harm someone else

              *casinos, bettings