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Paramji ! Alias his holiness
Param Paavan Paramji !

  P3Y means = Paramji – Papra – Param –   Yog
                          P 1    –   P 2   –   P 3   –    Y

Paramji : Paramji alias his holiness! is the person who is having power to solve problems & fulfill wishes of human being.

Papra : Papra is the method to solve your problems and fulfill your wishes.In this method there are eleven sentences.sentences from 1to 8 can't be translated in any languange it should be spoken in the same pattern as it is written here.In ninth sentence you have to speak your wish or your problem.After the fulfillment of your wish, you have to give rupees* which you have to speak in tenth sentence.After the fulfilment of your wish, you have to learn and do papra publicity.but right now  you have to fix the type and no.of papra publicity for eleventh sentence and speak that.

Eleven sentences of Papra:

1. Paramam Sharanam Gachchhaami
2. Hansam Sharanam  Gachchhaami
3. Adwaitam Sharanam Gachchhaami
4. Anandam Sharanam Gachchhaami
5. Charanam Sharanam Gachchhaami
6. Hey Paramji !
7. Mujh par kripa karo
8. Sir Jhukakar Paramji ! ko namaskar karta/karti hoon
9. Give me mental peace  

9.1Increase income of my business.                                                  

10. As soon as my desire is fulfilled, I will give rupees* ten million As A Pakar To Paramji, Alias His Holiness.                                                      

11. As soon as my desire is fulfilled, I will Explain Paramji- Papr - Paramyog (P3Y) to eleven new persons as a Pakar.                                 

   Note - 9th & 9.1th sentence is here as examples you can ask for your wish in place of these wishes.If your wish is one of them then you can ask for that in 9th sentence.In the 10th and 11th lines, ten million rupees* and eleven persons respectively are examples. you have to say amount and publicity no. as per your wish it can vary from 1 rupee* to billions of rupees* and 1 person to thousand persons and so on..It  totally depends on the wish you asked for and your capacity (do not speak that amount or publicity no. that you can't pursue)  . 

  •  These eleven sentences are known as Papra.
  •  Bow your head after 8th sentence .
  •  Ask for your wish or problem in 9th sentence.
  •  Fix the amount in 10th sentence that you have to pay after fulfillment of your wish( speak the  amount in 10th sentence as per your wish for small wishes it should be less & for critical  wishes  it should be like that ). 
  •  Fix the no.and mode of Papra Publicity in 11th sentence  . 

 Paramyog : Paramyog is one of the method of P3y to increase memory power, concentration,achieve mental peace & cure high blood pressure problem.To learn this method properly it is advised to contact personally.

 Instructions to speak amount in tenth sentence :

1.It could be from 1 % to 10-20-30-40-50 % of your income.You can say any desired amount in between them.

2.It could be from salary  of 1day to 2-5-10-100----365 can choose any no. of days as per your wish.

3.1rupee* to hundreds, thousands,millions or billions of rupees* .

 Instructions to speak publicity in eleventh sentence :

1.To explain P3Y to 1-11-100 or more new persons.You can speak any could not be less than 1 but it could be more than 100 and so on.

2.To give Papr pani to eleven or more new persons.Place : hospital, nursing home, dispensary.                                                                     

3.To distribute Papr literature to eleven or more new persons .

4.To give papr literature to customers of your shop,show room,or any commercial venture.

5.To give papr literature with your gift on auspicious occasions & celebrations like b'day, marriage, anniversary celebrations.

6.Website , E-mail , Fax , Video Show etc. any of present media can be used.   

7.P3Y can be publicized in graveyards also.

*Rupee is Indian currency .If you are from outside India you should speak amount of 10th sentence in terms of currency of your nation.






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